Docks in Hope Springs

Carefree Boat Club docks are located behind the Club House


The Club has a wide variety of boats available for use by members of the boat club. 




The Carefree Boat Club trains more than 100 new members per year for their Boater’s Driver’s license.


Then we teach them how to handle the boat, on the water, with a certified instructor, and they don’t pay for this training… it’s included.


Fleet of Boats

Carefree Boat Club Members don’t buy a boat; but they have a fleet of boats.

They don’t clean a boat, but the boats are always clean.

Our members don’t tow a boat to a marina; they go to a marina and use one of their boats.

Try it, you’ll like it.


Planned Outings

Call Leo before you go boating. He will help you plan an outing on the River or the Bay.

Leo can help you find things to do and places to go on the River and the Bay.  


For Sale!

If you must have your own boat, think about this: We sell our used boats in top condition, about every 4 years.


You can get a better deal on a relatively new boat in top condition by buying one from us. (But, membership in the club is a better deal!  


Sometimes, I receive emails for information about the club with no phone number. The request is usually: “How does it work?” or “How much is it?” Sometimes I get more specific questions; but most of the time the request is a bit vague. I prepared this site to answer many of the questions but I am available to discuss the club either by phone at 703-217-6699 or by email at

The following are the FAQs and my approach to address some of the questions.

1. Training, the classes and what you will learn in the classes                                   Click Here
     A. Do I need training?
     B. BST, OTW, NAV101 and Seminars

2. Availability                                                                                                           Click Here
     A. How do I know I will get the boat I want when I want one?

3. Reservations & Reservation System and Spontaneous Boating                            Click Here
     A. How to get your “Fair Share” of boating
     B. Explain Unlimited and Reciprocal

4. Insurance                                                                                                             Click Here
     A. Coverage, Deductible and OTW Service

5. Safety and Security Equipment
     A. All U.S.C.G. required safety equipment is on every boat.

6. The Boats and Your entitlement (Size, Equipment, Frequency, Locations, etc.)     Click Here
     A. Boats (18’ – 28’)
     B. Unlimited Use
     C. Plans and the Fees Click Here

7. Social Events (What are they? Do I have to pay?)
     A. Monthly : Picnic, 4th Of July Fireworks, Crab Feast, Moonlight Cruise, etc
     B. Dock Parties and other events

8. 3 No No’s (What are these?)                                                                                Click Here
     A. 21 Years of Age, After Dark on the Water, BUI

9. Reciprocity (Can I use the boats in other clubs?)                                                 Click Here
     A. Local 4 clubs and all the others, what’s the difference? Click Here

Then, if every thing is as expected, download and complete your application to join the Carefree Boat Club and email it to me for a tour and I will schedule you for your Boat Safety Class (you and the co-member if there is one).

If others will be involved with the decision process, please bring them to the tour to avoid delays in meeting your membership objectives. To schedule a tour: or phone me at 703-217-6699 (C) or 540-623-0494 (O)

Note: For a FREE subscription to Chesapeake Bay Magazine, please click here:


Training for our Members:

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  1. Boat Safety Training (Classroom) – An 8 hour course federally developed and state certificated provides a certificate and a Boater’s Driver’s License

  2. On-the-Water Skills Development – Scheduled time with an instructor and a boat, on the water and under the guidance of a certificated professional instructor

    When the member has satisfactorily completed these two training events, the member may reserve a boat. Depending on the membership plan or the instructor’s evaluation, member may be restricted to certain size and type of boats for a period of time.

  3. Navigation Classes (Classroom) – A 6-8 hour course in navigation to prepare a member for cruising and touring. The class concentrates on charting, plotting, and calculations of time, speed, distance, fuel burn, and estimated time of arrival at the varied waypoints in a course. Required for over night cruises

  4. Seminars: The club provides information and training through unscheduled seminars generally given by the Membership Directors or the U.S.C.G Auxiliary. Examples of the sessions given are:
    • Places to Go and Things to Do on the River and the Bay – a 1.0 hour seminar usually given at the club or a restaurant near the club to inform, advise and encourage members to enjoy the fullness of the boating lifestyle in the Chesapeake Bay estuary.
    • Suddenly in Command: U.S.C.G. Auxiliary presents the course designed to inform, advise and encourage the First Mate to be prepared to take command of the vessel in the event that the Captain has an accident or becomes incapacitated.
    • Women in Boating: Taught by club members to inform the membership of the impact women are having in the world of boating and to encourage the women members to take a leadership role in their own boating life.
    • Kids on the River: Having Fun Safely – a Class developed by one of our member’s daughter to inform advise and encourage kids to enjoy boating and all the fun things that can be done with boats but to learn how to do them safely.

Training, seminars, and presentations that inform, advise, and encourage safe boating and more importantly, safety in general, are available at Carefree Boat Club as part of the membership. We encourage attendance and offer some of them to membership and the whole family at no fee, space available basis.


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The mission of the Carefree Boat Club is to provide a 100% satisfactory experiences for all members on every boating outing. The primary mission depends on the ability to provide boats to our members. To meet the goals stated, all strategies are directed at this goal. The key strategies are:

  1. We limit our membership to boat ratio at 10:1. We may have to stop selling memberships in a club or acquire additional boats, but that is a key strategy to help insure there are enough boating opportunities for all members.

    This is in writing and part of our Agreement with each member.

  2.  Club statistics indicated the majority of members used the boats for less than a half day per reservation. Instead of allowing the reservation system to tie up the boats for a whole day, we now define a reservation as a half day providing more opportunity for more members.

    A member may still reserve a boat for a whole day, but if not, then there are more time slots for more members.

  3. Strategic Positioning of the Club: By placing the clubs in near proximity to one another, we provide even greater access to more boats so more members may get a boat when they want one.

    Example: If you can’t get the boat you want from Occoquan, you may get one from DC or Stafford (Hope Springs).

  4. ResNet – an On-Line reservation system allows our members to plan their outings based on the availability of the boats. This system is available 24/7 and presents the reservation status of all the boats in the club. Book the boat for the time slots you wish to use it and it will be ready when you arrive.

    Use the system to have a boat when you want it; however the longer the member waits to select a boat, the more flexible the member must be.

  5. Wait list: Most days during the week, there is no problem with boat selection in any of the clubs. Weekends are a bit busier. So, if you find that the boat you want is booked for the weekend you want, you have several alternatives: you may choose a different boat, you may choose a different club or you may add your name to the wait list for that boat.

    Late cancellations will provide unforeseen opportunities for those who use the wait list. Our Dock Masters are always alert for members who can take advantage of this method.

    We monitor the usage patterns by club by boat and by week to provide the best service possible.

Reservations, the Reservation System and Spontaneous Boating

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  1. ResNet, our on line reservations system allows a member to book reservations on line from their home, 24/7 and if used, the system will help assure that members get a boat when they want one.

  2. Reservations:
    • By definition, a reservation is for a half-day. A member may link half-day reservations to form a full day or multiple days.
    • Each Member in the Boat Club may have “on-the-books” at any time, and at all times, 4 unused reservations. Two may be weekend days.  As soon as one reservation is used, book another one.
    • Reservations are booked for outings that will occur more than 48 hours in the future. If you wish to go boating today or tomorrow, or anytime within the next 48 hours, you simply call the Dock Master and book a boat . We call this spontaneous boating.

  3. Spontaneous Boating:
    • If you wake up to a beautiful boating day and want to go out on the water, just call the Dock Master and ask what is available. You may choose any of the available boats.
    • Spontaneous boating does not affect your reservations. That means you may have four reservations on the books and you still may go boating every day.


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  1. Boater Insurance is insurance for damage to the boat, and is part of the Club’s Insurance Package.

  2. Liability Insurance: The club has acquired a liability insurance plan for the members that protects the club and the member against liable actions up to $2,000,000. This insurance protects the members and the member’s guests.

    Both of these policies have a maximum deductible of $2,500 in the Boat Club.

  3. On-the-Water Service & Towing Coverage: Just as most boaters will acquire boating service coverage from either Sea Tow or Tow Boat US as a security policy, our members are covered in all the clubs and the waters for all the clubs from Maryland to Florida and Texas.  During normal hours, when a boater needs assistance, the club responds.

    Members who boat "after hours" or over night should subscribe to the On-Water services of BoatUS.

    Typically, these policies will cost about $125.00 per year.

  4. ResNet Subscription: ResNet Package includes your one-year subscription to the online reservation system.

  5. Reciprocity: Through ResNet our members also enjoy a limited reciprocity plan that will allow members to boat at our affiliated clubs five times per year. The annual subscription cost is $299.00.

The 3 No, No’s!

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  1. No one under 21 may drive the boat,

  2. The boats may not be in motion on the water after dark, and

  3. Don’t bring the boat back inebriated.


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  1. Reciprocity means the member in one club may use the boats in other clubs.
    • Members (1 and 3 Year) may purchase the option to use the boats in the other three clubs in this quartet of clubs.
    • Limited Reciprocity: Through the ResNet package (above) the member will have the opportunity to boat in any of the clubs other than the member’s “home” port five (5) times per year.

For more information about this feature, email me at

Boats and Your use of the boats:

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Boats are single engine, 18’ to 28’, Fishing boats, ski boats, bow-riders, deck boats, pontoon boats, cuddy cabins and express cruisers.

  1. You may select different plans that allow you to use some or all the boats. A Charter Membership Plan includes all options, all boats and unlimited use with reciprocity.

  2. Unlimited use means a member may use the boats every day, may reserve the boats for overnight cruising and touring, and may reserve the boats for a 5-Day consecutive vacation trip once annually, may also have on the books up to 4 other reservations unused at any/all times, and may boat out of all the Carefree Boat Clubs.

  3. There are other membership plans that are designed for beginner boaters, or those who are unsure of their ability to commit to a longer membership plan. Some restrictions may apply. (email me or call me at 703-217-6699).

  4. Check back to Reservations for more specifics about usage.

Plans and Fees:

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  1. The Carefree Boat Club is unlike most other Boat Clubs and Yacht Clubs.  Our members do not need to own a boat. To be able to enjoy boating, and the club, without having to purchase and own a boat is a unique experience. And, more people are finding this solution a wonderful way to realize their dreams of boating.
  2. There are optional plans: One joins the club by subscribing to one of 3 plans: the Intro to Boating, the Short Term Plan, and the Charter Boat Club Plan.
    • The Intro to Boating is for beginners who are unsure of boating as a family solution to recreation, or someone who has not boated or wants to learn to be a better boater. This one-year plan is priced to anticipate normal first year wear and tear, errors in judgment, typical learning experiences and exceptional maintenance and repair costs. And the cost is commensurate with historic experience for the club. With a few options available the first year, this plan requires full payment before the boats may be reserved and is offered with limited size of boats.
    • The Short Term Plan is a three-year plan, includes a few options and adds a few features more than the Intro Plan and the membership fees reflect a lower annual cost. Like a country club, boat club or a health club, the member pays an initiation fee and the annual dues can be paid monthly (depends on Options). Use the "Create Your Dream Plan" to get a quote.
    • The Charter Membership Plan, the most practical and the choice of nearly 95% of the membership is a 5-Year Charter Plan. It is full featured, full service and includes all the options. This plan is the least expensive and most featured and the fees will be about the cost om maintaining a boat without the actual costs of the boat.
    • The Long-Term Charter Plan is a full featured and full service that includes all options, and members join with a reduced initiation fee, a slightly higher monthly fee but a longer term commitment.
    • There are other membership plans offered at certain times of the year or parts of boating season: “Discover Boating - A Learning Experience”, “Fish n Fun Plan”, “Test the Waters Trial”, “Stocking Stuffer Packages”, and some Non-Profit Organization Auction specials.  For details and fees call me, thank you.





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