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Explanation of the Plans

For more details on the membership plans, the features, benefits and the fees, call 540-623-0494.


Introduction to the Plans

All the rest is planned for you...

There are options.

You will choose your home port. You can select one club or many clubs. You have a limited privilege to boat out of all of the clubs. As we open new clubs, you are "grandfathered in.‟ Or, you may deem it worthwhile to add the option to have UNLIMITED use of the boats in several clubs.

Intro to Boating a 1-Year Plan

The “Intro to Boating” plan is a one year plan and has unlimited use of all the boats up to 24‟.

This plan is designed for new boaters who are unsure of their interest or their family‟s interest in boating, but they know they want to enjoy time on the water, now! It includes classroom training, a certificated class on Boating Safety, “on the water” skills development with an instructor and boat, practice sessions with a variety of boats, “ad hoc” training and support by the Dock Master, seminars on boating and “on-the-water” service and towing service. The whole club is in a support roll for the new boater.

The Plan assumes you are a boater, perhaps had your own boat at one time, and are accustomed to the fun, enjoyment and recreation of boating but are a little unsure about the club concept.

We estimate a usage pattern of 18 – 22 times per year, week- end usage (the most popular boating times), more aggressive use than a beginner, and into water sports and activities.

One-year memberships are paid up front, do not have overnight cruising privileges and generally are limited to boats up to 24‟ in length.

A Short Term 3-Year Plan

The Short Term Plan is for those who know their ability to commit for a longer term and allows members who may not want to cruise overnight to have three years of Carefree boating and may extend their membership or upgrade to the Charter Membership Plan at any time.

The “Short Term Plan” includes unlimited use of all the boats up to 28‟ and has some fee based upgrades for other options. A member in the Short Term Plan may, as an option, choose to boat from all club locations.

The Charter 5-Year Plan

The “Charter Membership Plan" is a full featured, full service membership plan with unlimited use of all the boats including the cruisers. The Charter Membership plan is limited to a maximum of 5 years.

If you choose to cruise, you will take the Navigation Class. It is a well organized and skills based class that will prepare you to plan a cruise, plot the course, and for filing a float plan. This class has a $149.00 fee for the instruments, which you keep.

The Long-Term Charter 7-Year Plan

This is similar in all ways to the 5-Year Charter Plan except for the term of membership. In order to provide a lower cost membership plan without eliminating features, it’s necessary to spread costs over a longer time frame. Sign for a longer term and pay less as you go.

Your children will grow up and be off to college sooner than you think and your daughter will be walking down the aisle sooner than you want.

Don’t you think boating will be a great way to enjoy their company for a little while longer?

How does it really work?

Joining Carefree Boat Club is a lot like joining a Country Club.

When you join, there is a membership initiation fee similar to health clubs or country clubs. In some health clubs it can be upwards of $2,000. And, can be $50,000 or more in a country club. Some smaller golf clubs may require as little as $8,000 to $10,000. Some Boat/Yacht Clubs are upwards of $50,000, too. Your Tennis Club Initiation fee at the Landings is $13,000. Our Golf membership at The Landings is $33,000.

Are you a member of a Health Club or a Country Club?

Comparing Buying a Boat to Joining the Club: If you bought a boat, the initial expense would be a down payment and the sales tax. An equivalent down payment for any of the boats in the Boat Club will be between $15,000 and $18,000 with sales taxes included.

Your club’s initiation fee will be under $6,000 and can be as low as $3990. . Instead of monthly boat mortgage payments of $499 to $540 (or more) for 10 to 15 years, the CBC dues is less than $499.00 with all ancillary costs covered by the club.

Note: The ancillary costs that you will not have: the other costs of ownership like slip rental, High & Dry storage, winterization, maintenance, training, insurance, on the water (OTW) service and towing, or a trailer. And, about $1500 of extra costs in Year One. Nor will you require a vehicle to get the boat to the water.

Oh... and there are no sales taxes, personal property tax or interest payments.





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