Things You really need to know for your Membership Plan

I am frequently asked, “How much does it cost?

To me the question is like calling a car dealer and asking "How much is a car?" There are options.  

To help you create a personalized membership plan, or just to allow you to determine how much it might cost you to join the club, I have a tool for you to select the options you may want, determine the choices you may make, and select the terms and payment plan that will meet your boating and financial expectations.

Buying a Boat has some hidden costs that the Carefree way of boating eliminates. There is no boat payment, interest, sales tax, or personal property tax, and the club does not require the long term commitment of a 10 or 15 year mortgage nor the ancillary costs of slip rental, insurance and maintenance or repair. 

Also you avoid the hassles of time and effort that it takes to own a boat. So, be realistic when you evaluate your options and the costs of having them.

Also, realistically compare the cost of the club to your alternative forms of leisure time activities, vacations, time shares, or just weekend routine expenses. Boating can add a new dimension to your family’s leisure time activities for a lot less than many of the alternatives.

The following sections will help you determine if the club is a good fit for you. If so, further into this tool, you will be able to develop a cost for your membership plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Boating Experience

Training & Expectations

Introduction to Membership Plans

Membership Application

 I hope I have been able to answer your questions. If not, I am available for you to call at 703-217-6699 or 540-623-0494.

Note: Sorry you can't use PayPal at this point.  Call me and I will meet you and get you signed up in the club, enrolled in the next class (FREE) and ready to reserve a boat. To learn more, please schedule a tour with me, your Membership Director to discuss your membership expectations. 

Do it now and really enjoy the Carefree way of boating.  (703) 217-6699 this year.  Don't procrastinate and miss out on the introductory incentives.






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