The club provides a new member with nearly 18 hours of boating skills training and development.


Special Events

Throughout the year, the club offers seminars and other boating events that range from 4 to 24 hours and recreational events like the 4th of July Festivities at the DC Club where our members can watch the fireworks from a large floating barge in the Washington Channel.


The events include a picnic, and a crab feast at one of the famous “on-water” restaurants.


Training and Expectations

What brought you to the Carefree Boat Club?

  • Training?
  • Learning to boat?
  • Gaining experience?
  • Had a boat and know the hassles and costs?
  • Don't want the work or expense
  • Want the ease of boating without owning
  • Looks more practical and cost/ benefit makes more sense
  • More places to go boating. Boat on the River and the Bay without towing.
  • Want to join the club.

Have you taken the basic Boat Safety Class from the U.S.C.G. Auxiliary or the Power Squadron?
CBC is authorized to teach the class and conducts one every 2 weeks, always on a Saturday, and it is an 8 hour course with instructor.
It is included with membership.

To take the class individually, one could spend up to a hundred dollars per person. It is included in all membership plans.

Do you have a Boater’s drivers License?

Now, all boaters must have a driver’s license. It is part of the Homeland Defense Team’s requirements to keep America safe.

CBC is authorized to issue a Boater’s Driver’s license after you have successfully completed the Boat Safety Class. Sign up now. Call 703-217-6699.

Have you been involved in any “On Water” training to learn the basic maneuvers of boating?
As our concern for boaters’ safety is high on our list, we require that everyone take the On-the-Water Boating Skills development with an instructor.

This is a 2-6 hour training class with a qualified certificated instructor and a boat and you will learn a set of maneuvers that will help you become competent, confident and comfortable and safe.

To contract to rent a boat and a trainer could cost about $750.00 ($50.00/hr for an instructor and $500 for the boat.)  But your membership includes all this.

Your education and training continues as you earn the ability to reserve a boat and practice what you have learned.

You may choose a small boat to use for practice. Even the smallest Sea Ray boat in our fleet lists for more than $60,000.00 plus tax. Our members get to use fine boats.

(That boat would require a down payment of $15,000 plus about $1,600 in taxes. The mortgage would be $500.00 per month for 10 years.)

And, that’s only an average size boat that our members may select.

Are you planning to use the boats to explore new areas?
In the boat club, you will have boats up to 28’ to enjoy cruising to other marinas and spending time exploring the many coves and bays along the Rivers and the Savannah archipelago

There are many historic towns along the Savannah River and around the islands for you to explore, visit, tour or dock at the local marinas. Many offer food and recreational activities like fishing, cruising sunning on the beach, etc.. Just visiting them is a treat in itself and a great learning experience for the family.

There is another reason why the Carefree Boat Club is a far better choice financially than owning a boat. There is no depreciation for you to absorb..

Have you had Navigation Training or attended a course in navigation?

We provide our members with a course, called, Navigation 101, on a space available basis at very low cost. (There is a $149.00 fee for the instruments and manual for the course, which you keep.) Our navigation class is required and provides the basics for your preparation of a float plan which is required if you are planning to cruise to other locations. It’s our way of assuring you are capable of returning even if the GPS fails.

Note: Your safety, the safety of those with you, the care and protection of the boats are our number one chief concerns. That’s why we invest so heavily in your training.






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