Types of boats in the Club

Variety is the spice of life

One would not go tubing behind a fishing boat, nor cruising overnight in a deck boat. A Pontoon Boat makes a better party boat than a bow-rider. In the carefree way of boating, you can select the type of boat you want for the fun you want to have.


Boat Sizes

By definition Carefree Boat Clubs consist of a variety of boats from 18’ to 28’. All clubs have similar boats but the mix of boats is not always the same.


The Occoquan Club prefers Sea Ray boats and is enjoys a superb business relationship with the Prince William Marina Sea Ray Dealership. Members who decide to purchase a Sea Ray will be treated like family at Prince William Marine Sales.


Hours saved...

It has been documented that a boat owner who must trailer his boat will spend most of the available boating hours doing something other than boating; like prepping the boat, launching the boat, parking the SUV or getting the SUV when returning, cleaning the boat and pulling it out of the water. Out of a possible three hours available after work, the boater may be on the water as little as 1.2 hours. (This does not include the drive time to get to the launch.)


Buying a Boat

The Carefree Boat Club has a team of mechanics and a warehouse to service the boats all winter. So, our boats are in excellent, like new condition. Even with the extended hours due to the club usage, the planned preventive maintenance schedule and the winter overhauls keep our boats in top condition. But, after 4 -5 seasons, we want to replace them for our members. So, we sell or trade them. If you prefer to own a boat, check out our Affordable Outdoor One Stop Boat Shop for great deals.  Call me at 540-623-0494 for more information.

Boating Experience

Do you have some experience driving a boat?
Y or N

What size was the boat(s) you drove?
The boats in the Boat Club range to cruisers of 26’.

What do you want to do with/in/on a boat?
Fishing, skiing, tubing with the kids, cruising with family, friends, or loved one? Are there family interests involved? Children? (They don’t stay young long!)

Is the size of the boat important?  Are you interested in the boat club or the yacht club?
The boat club has a wide variety of boats: fishing, skiing, bow-riders, deck boats, pontoon boats, cuddy cabins, and express cruisers up to 28’.

How often do you plan to use a boat?
Our members have unlimited use of the boats but the average usage per member is 10 - 12 times per year.

Can you use a boat during the week or only on weekends?
The variety and choices are even greater during the week.

What is your day like? Do you have time to relax?
Wouldn’t a couple hours on the water help shake off the “frazzles”? The boats are always ready!



Do you have time to tend to a boat?
(You don’t have to in the Carefree Boat Club.)

Is Boating a long time desire for you? Isn’t it about time?
I mean the time that you have left to enjoy the kids, or the family, or the grandkids. Isn’t it about time you made the move. Or if you have already owned a boat, isn’t it about time you started boating again? How long will you wait? Are you ready now? It really is about time. Your TIME!

How many weekends per season will you use a boat?
If your answer is every weekend, you should probably buy a boat. You may be ale to get a boat most every weekend because of the way we plan and acquire new boats, but if every weekend is a must, we can help you buy a boat. We do have some great connections.

Have you thought about how you will enjoy boating? Who will you choose to be with you. Friends? A loved one? Your son (teach him to fish), your daughter (before she is off to college)? Time flies, whether you are having fun or not. Your choice, though!

Time is a-wastin’ and you are the master of your own time. Just think about it. Haven’t you promised yourself you were going to enjoy life.  When are you going to start?

There is no time like the present. Remember, tomorrow is promised to no man.





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