Types of Plans

One-Year Plan(s):

Intro to Boating

Yacht Club


Three-Year Plan(s):

Short Term Boat Club

Yacht Club


Five-Year Plan:

Charter Membership


Custom Plan:

For more details or to create your own specific plan, and to take advantage of any special incentives, subsidies or discounts, I am available to talk with you or make an appointment with you for a tour of the boats at a club of your choice.


Long Term Relationships

We are interested in members who want a long-term relationship with us.


The membership directors will use subsidies and incentives to assist members who want to join for the Charter Membership Plans.


Call me at 703-217-6699 to learn more about the incentives.


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Payment Plans

You have more choices at Carefree Boat Club

  1.  Payment in full:
    The combination of Initiation Fee and Annual Dues for the life of the Membership Plan total paid upon joining. (Instant Rebate of Thousands - greatest discounts available)
  2. Payment of Initiation Fee in full and the first year’s Annual Dues. (discount on the Initiation Fee only)
  3. Payment of Initiation Fee in full and the annual dues paid monthly with the first month’s dues paid at the time of joining.(Discount on the initiation fee only)

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Your Next Step

Your next step is to schedule a tour with me, your Membership Director, to discuss your membership expectations.


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Explanation of the Plans

Intro to Boating Plan

A One-Year membership plan that is the shortest term for you to enjoy the Carefree way of boating. Members who join The Intro to Boating Plan may use all the boats up to 22’.

This plan is for the beginner boater who wants to learn boating. It is a training and experiential membership plan that will provide access to a variety of boats (fishing, deck boats, ski, and pontoon boats) and several training plans and sessions.

This membership plan is available to all, but designed for those who are not sure they want to boat a lot or are very inexperienced and will use this year to learn boating.

This program offers anyone interested in boating a very organized managed and directed plan to learn boating, the responsibilities of boating and the rules of the road in boating.

  •  A new member starts with a full day of class in the Federally developed and state certificated Boat Safety Training class. The instructor is a certified captain and a certificated instructor. This 8 hour course concentrates on the “rules of the road” for boaters and is required by all three municipalities for your Boater' Driver's license.
  • At the successful completion of this course, Carefree Boat Club is authorized to issue the new member an official Boater’s Driver’s license.
  • The mew member will also receive a State Certificate, suitable for framing, to attest to the training.
  • New Members will make a reservation with the instructor for the “On the Water” training. This practical training program with an instructor and a boat, will concentrate on maneuvers that will prepare the boater for many situations that will be encountered when boating. This course is designed to help the new member become competent, confident and comfortable.
  • After successful completion of the On-the-Water training, the member is assigned to a club and may reserve any of the boats up to 22‟. The Dock Master at the assigned club will become the new member's mentor and will be available to assist in practice sessions, docking tips, on the water experience support and to assist with questions and answers about boating in the waters in the area of the club.
  • The new member will require no additional insurance. During the first year of membership the new member will be covered by the ResNet. This service provides the following:
    • Boat Insurance: The new members may experience more learning situations than an experienced boater and that will require incremental insurance. The insurance protects the new member from catastrophic expenses but there is a deductible of “up to $2500.00.” The club will do everything it can to teach the new member how to avoid costly incidences but we want to be sure to protect the member, the member's guests and the boats with this insurance plan.
    • Liability Insurance: The club will carry a liability insurance plan up to $1,000,000 on the member and the member's guests while on the boat. This insurance also has a deductible of “up to $2,500.00.”
    • On the Water Service and On-the-Water Towing packages are provided to insure that if any unforeseen circumstances arise, the new member is well cared for and will get assistance. The club provides this service for the whole season.
    • On-Line Reservations can be made through the ResNet System. This service is provided to the new member so they may see the boats and the boat availability to schedule practice hours on the boats. It is expected that the new members will take advantage of this system to “be a better boater.”
    • Seminars on Boating and Safety, places to go and things to do on the River and the Bay are provided the new boater to enhance their Carefree Boat Club experiences. Instructors and Membership Directors will conduct these classes at different venues to assist in getting the new members out and on to the boats.
  • New! This one-year plan also includes unlimited use of the boats up to 22‟ for the new member's pleasure as well as “learning to be a better boater.
  • New! There is no limit to the number of times a member may reserve the boats. As the member's experience grows, the member will enjoy traveling to all the great places on the River and the Bay.
  • All the training, the exclusive time with an instructor and a boat, and the support from the dock staff are part of the effort that goes into the New Member's "Intro to Boating” plan.

The fee for the Intro to Boating Membership Plan is available on the price list. There may be special incentives, promotional events, boat shows, etc. that may reduce this cost.

Call me at 703-217-6699 to learn more about the currently available incentives.


The Short Term Plan

This is a 3-Year Membership Plan that comes with more features than the Intro to Boating Plan and is available to all. This plan is for those who may have experience (though it is not necessary), may want the freedom to have a boat whenever they want but are not interested in over-night boating.

Members of the Short Term Plan will have unlimited use of all the boats in the club up to 24’.

Some of the boats in the 21‟ – 24‟ range have cabins, they can be used but the members will not have over-night privileges. Overnight privileges can be gained by upgrading to a Charter Membership.

New! Short Term Plan members have the opportunity to include all four clubs in the Mid-Atlantic area as their “home ports” for a small extra fee of only $299.00 per year.

New! While both of the above plans include unlimited spontaneous boating (calling on the spur of the moment to get a boat and arriving within the hour), the Short Term Plan has twice the number of ‘On-the-Book” reservations for its members than the Intro to Boating membership and may use the boats on weekends.

The On-Line Reservation (ResNet) system will allow all members to see the availability of the boats and choose the one they want for the date they want it.

New! Membership fee for the Short Term Plan is available on the price List.

There are sales events, marketing programs, promotional events and boat shows that sometimes have incentives that can reduce the fees.

Call me at 703-217-6699 to learn about currently available incentives.


The Charter Membership Plan

This is the full service, full featured membership plan and is a 5-Year Plan. Members in this plan have unlimited use of all the boats in the Mid-Atlantic Clubs, including the Cruisers (up to 28’) and they may cruise to other ports, stay overnight, and even keep the boats for multiple days.

By completing the Navigation Class, these members earn Extended Hours and Overnight Privileges. They may have 4 reservations on the books at any/all times. When one is used, they may book another one. They also have unlimited spontaneous boating and can boat at all the Carefree Boat Clubs.

Charter Membership Plan members will also enjoy the privilege to reserve a cruiser for 5 consecutive days for a vacation cruise on the bay or the river once each year.

Boat Insurance, on the water service and on the water towing, $1,000,000 liability insurance, subscription to the On-line reservation system and limited reciprocity in all the other clubs from Baltimore to Key West, FL is available in a single package for $299.00/year.

NEW! The fees for the Charter Membership Plan is available on the price list.

There are sales events, marketing programs, promotional events and boat shows that sometimes have incentives that can reduce the fees.

Call me at 703-217-6699 to learn about currently available incentives.





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