When it Began

We started our boat club service here in Woodbridge in 2002 at the Pilot House Marina on Neabsco Creek.


Historic Occoquan

We moved the Carefree Boat Club to the Town of Occoquan at Madigan’s Waterfront Restaurant and Docks to start the season in 2009.



By 2009 we had grown to clubs along the East Coast from Baltimore to Florida (both coasts). And our members enjoy reciprocity between all clubs.



We continued our expansion to the South and west opening new clubs on Florida’s Gulf Coast and the Sunny lake shores of Texas. More clubs for our members to use.



Membership responses to our annual surveys praised this past year as our best for boats, service, and training and we are continuing to expand our reach along the coast and will be adding boats again this year.

A Tour

Carefree Boat Club uses a tour as a signing event and we want you to have as much information about the club, its features and benefits for you, so you can truly appreciate the value of boating in your life as offered by the Carefree Boat Club.

  • The tour allows for dialogue and development of the dream of boating.
  • Helps to show how the club can help you fulfill the dream. You may need only to understand the value
  • The tour can provide insight into how to live the dream.
  • The tour is a chance to bring the other members of the family into the decision process.
  • If there has been dialogue, research, information transfer and knowledge of the membership plans, the Tour becomes a signing event.

At the Tour: We will sit on a boat to discuss your interests.

  • We will meet you and your spouse or loved ones.
  • You will complete your application to join the Carefree Boat Club.
  • You will tell me what you expect from us and how you plan to enjoy boating.
  • I will answer your questions and address your concerns.
  • We will discuss your financial expectations as well as your boating expectations, and
  • If I can meet your expectations, I will ask you to join the club

Most folks want to now about:

  • The Boats
  • Training
  • How to get your fair share of boating.
  • Reservation System
  • Reciprocity
  • Insurance
  • Safety Equipment
  • Seminars and Social Events
  • 3 No No’s

Then, if all is as expected, I ask you to join and I will schedule you for your Boat Safety Class (you and the co-member if there is one) and you will receive your membership manual and become a member.

Note: If others will be involved in the decision process, please bring them to the tour. If the decision makers are not in the tour and available to sign the membership papers, there will be a need for the others to get a tour as well. Let’s work it out in advance wherever possible to avoid duplication and lost time.

Call now and let’s get together. Remember, every day you delay now is a free day of boating that is lost, because the REST OF THE YEAR IS FREE BOATING.





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